Dé hAoine, Iúil 30, 2010

Dialects of Rathlin Irish

'Dialects' of Rathlin? on one wee Island?

In fact yes. We can (simplifing somewhat) state that Rathlin Irish can be sub divided into two sub-dialects, that of the Upper End and that of the Lower End. 

There were a few pronouncation differences, even a few minor grammar differences, but for now lets concentrate on vocabulary.

It is said that the Upper End is somewhat more 'Irish' and the Lower End somewhat more 'Scottish'.

For instance In the Lower End for 'away' one would say 'ar folbh' whilst in the Upper End people would say 'ar shiúbhail.'

In the Lower End people would say 'Gabh sin' for take that whilst the Upper End people say 'Glac sin'.

To get is 'a fháil' in the Upper End but 'a fháin' in the Lower.This distinction in áil / ain in the verbal endings is a common feature.

Ceart gos leor? as the Lower End folk say, ceart go leor as those on the Upper End say.

More of this in the future.

Dé Domhnaigh, Iúil 04, 2010

Tobar an Dualchais


Díreach ag cur in iúl mu'n suíomh seo, Tobar an Dualchais, chan fheil aon Ghaedhilg Cheann Tíre ná Arann ann ach tá go leor Gaedhilg Íle is Diúra ann - cosail go leor le Gaedhilg Reachraidh.